Our Goal

Our Goal Is To Assist Claimants

It is Attorney Gail Balser’s goal to help individuals file a claim and recover the compensation that is due to them.  She understand the claim and complete petition process when necessary to maximizes the recovery they receive.  Attorney Balser is aware that the process can sometimes seem complex. She works with claimants in overcoming any frustrations or confusion that they may feel when submitting a claim.  Attorney Balser also rights for the claimants rights to ensure that the maximum available compensation is paid.

How  Attorney Balser Helps Claimants:

Attorney Balser provides advice to those who wish to submit a claim or when necessary an SEC petition. Some of the things she assists the claimants and petitioners in understanding and successfully completing include:

  • What information an individual needs to submit a claim
  • How to submit a claim
  • What happens to the claim once it is received
  • If the claim qualifies for further evaluation, what that means
  • If the claim does not qualify for further evaluation, what the petitioner can do
  • How to present the claim in a manner that will ensure the maximum available compensation
  • What happens when the claim is presented
  • What happens to the claim after it is presented
  • What happens when there is a recommendation
  • What happens when a former employees is qualified

Attorney Balser is also available to conduct outreach meetings and workshops for claimants, advocates, consultants, and the public in order to promote a better understanding of the claim process

You may contact Attorney Balser for assistance in preparing and submitting your claim in a manner that will insure you receive the full compensation you entitled to under the Act by calling (508) 699-2500 Ext 11 or make an appointment by using this link.

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