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Radiation Dose Reconstruction Non SEC

Gail Balser and her battle with Texas Instruments

Radiation Dose Reconstruction for Non SEC Claimants

DCAS is responsible for conducting occupational radiation dose reconstructions for certain workers with cancer who file claims for compensation under The Act. In accordance with the methods published in 42 CFR 82, dose reconstructions will be performed for covered employees with cancer who are not members of a Special Exposure Cohort (SEC). As defined in The Act, SEC members with certain specified cancers do not require dose reconstructions to qualify for compensation.

The basic principle of dose reconstruction is to characterize the occupational radiation environment to which workers were exposed using available worker and/or workplace monitoring information. In cases where radiation exposures in the workplace environment can not be fully characterized based on available data, default values based on reasonable scientific assumptions are used as substitutes.

The results of worker dose reconstructions will be used by the Department of Labor to determine the probability that a worker’s cancer was “at least as likely as not” due to his or her occupational exposure to ionizing radiation during employment at a covered facility. Criteria and guidelines for making this determination are established by The Act and HHS under 42 CFR 81.

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