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List of Work Sites

Gail Balser and her battle with Texas Instruments

List of Work Sites

Below are specific work sites for which DCAS has developed information. The information for the work sites listed below can include: technical documents (site profiles, technical basis documents, technical information bulletins), worker outreach information and final minutes, Special Exposure Cohort information, and public comments.


▪   Aliquippa Forge

▪   Allegheny-Ludlum Steel

▪   Allied Chemical Corporation

▪   Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa)–New Jersey

▪   Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa)–Pennsylvania

▪   Amchitka Island Nuclear Explosion Site

▪   American Chain and Cable Company

▪   Ames Laboratory

▪   Anaconda Company

▪   Area IV of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (formerly listed as ETEC)

▪   Argonne National Laboratory–East

▪   Argonne National Laboratory–West

▪   AWE Site Wide Documents



▪   Baker Brothers

▪   Baker-Perkins Co. (Michigan)

▪   Battelle Laboratories – King Avenue

▪   Battelle Laboratories – West Jefferson

▪   Bethlehem Steel Company

▪   Birdsboro Steel & Foundry Company

▪   Bliss & Laughlin Steel

▪   Blockson Chemical Company (Building 55 and Related Activities)

▪   Bridgeport Brass Company

▪   Brookhaven National Laboratory

▪   BWX Technologies, Inc. (Virginia)


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