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Gail Balser and her battle with Texas Instruments


Gail Balser, advocates for Workers at the Metals & Controls Division of Texas Instruments

Gail Balser helps individuals with a variety of issues that involve the claim process and the dose reconstruction process. From her passion, Ms. Balser has built a strong working relationship with the Department of Labor in an effort to help claimants. She is aware that the process can sometimes seem complex.   Gail Balser works with claimants in overcoming any frustrations or confusion that they may feel when submitting a claim.  She fights so that they receive the compensation that is due them.

Gail Balser has been an outspoken and effective advocate for workers for many years. She has acted not only as a worker advocate but as a consultant to bring forward ideas to help change the program to better serve the needs of the workers.

In fact, these particular Texas Instruments / Metals & Controls Corp claims hold special meaning for Gail Balser.  Gail Balser’s father, Charles Balser passed away in 1993 from cancer after being a dedicated worker for Texas Instruments and Metals and Controls for forty years. He was diagnosed with cancer within just six months of his retirement.  The Balser family was never contacted by Texas Instruments.  They were not notified of the potential connection between Mr. Balser’s cancer and his employment at Texas Instruments / Metals & Controls Corp. They know only too well that any attempts to contact former employees and their families were entirely ineffective and meager at best.  The compensation offered pales in comparison to the loss suffered by the Texas Instruments /Metals & Controls Corp employees and their families.   Gail Balser is here to fight passionately for you and your family.

You may contact Gail Balser by calling (508) 699-2500 Ext 11.